About IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School, established in 1984 and has been known as a leading business school in Indonesia with a successful alumni of some 2,500 Indonesian business leaders and use English as the language of teaching instruction.

IPMI International Business School has pioneered the Business Management education in Indonesia with help of its founding faculty from Harvard Business School and INSEAD applying business case learning approach. This case study teaching method has placed IPMI International Business School parallel to world’s known Business Schools such as Harvard, INSEAD (France) and IESE (Spain).

IPMI International Business School is a member of key international business school associations as The Association to Advanced Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), founding member of Asian Business School Dean Association, Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and many others.

 IPMI International Business School Bachelor program provides unique experiences from actively engage in real-life international projects and community involvement projects while studying. High-performing applicants as well as graduates will have the chance to compete for international and Indonesian scholarships. .IPMI International Business School has a state-of the art career development team ensuring your successful career acceleration.

IPMI International Business School has bilateral student exchange agreement with some of the best business schools in the world meaning that you will study together with the world’s best students coming to IPMI International Business School as exchange students. As an IPMI International Business School students, you will also have the chance to study one or two semesters abroad at any of the internationally accredited and recognized partner universities giving a unique international experience, an extended international network with high performing fellow students, access to some of the best business school faculty in the world and exposure to the international market.

IPMI International Business School is presently entering double degree partnership with some of the student exchange partners that will offer IPMI International Business School students to in addition to go for exchange studies in total study two to three semesters abroad and get eligible for receiving double degrees, one from IPMI International Business School and one from a reputable, high ranked and internationally accredited international business school. In addition to the experiences, network and unique learning opportunity this will also bring great acceleration into your CV and market value.

IPMI International Business School has strengthening its local and international profile by recruiting best faculty from all over the world who are graduated from top business schools.

The annual joint Advanced Management Program in partnership between IPMI International Business School, Católica Lisbon Business School (Portugal), and Kellogg Business School (USA) which runs in Jakarta, Lisbon (Portugal), and Chicago (USA), as well as the senior executive education programs with other top universities have proven that IPMI International Business School’s high quality education are met the international standard.

IPMI International Business School Courses are designed to prepare its graduates for the global market.

IPMI International Business School also aims to be the thought-leader for the region in international business and management and have with strong industry support and endowments already founded five research centers addressing some of the most important challenges and opportunities in Indonesia on going transformation to one of the world’s most important economies.  The research will be pursued in partnerships with some of the worlds leading researchers and research universities.