The building has 14 theater-shaped classrooms (curved shapes) and flat classrooms plus 1 auditorium. Those classrooms adapt from the class form at Harvard Business School which is the most effective class model for a business class in particular to apply teaching methods at IPMI International Business School “Student-Centered Learning Concept”. All classrooms inside the building have been equipped with LCD (built in) as well as PC connected to the internet and air conditioner.

Discussion Room

The Building also provide 6 discussion rooms that can be used by the students equipped by internet access and air conditioner. We understand that the learning process in IPMI International Business School will not only takes place in the classroom but also in the discussion rooms especially in the work of individual or group tasks that are an integral part of learning in business schools.


The Library is located on the 1st floor and it is used for reading the books, journals, or cases studies. The Library provides lockers that can be used by students to store their items.

Investment Gallery

Investment Gallery is an office operated by IPMI Investor Club in which students can learn to invest with real money on stocks, mutual funds, and many more. The learning sessions are usually in the form of seminar and workshop, and it is open for everyone. IPMI Investment gallery also has other purpose to support Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) campaign on “Yuk Nabung Saham” which is directed to high school students by increasing their awareness about the importance of investing in stocks since early stage.


Located on the top floor. It is mainly used as space for IPMI’s seminar and workshop, events. Moreover it’s always been used for BBA and MBA graduation ceremonies, and it could occupy more than 300 audiences covered by the interior for the main events, and the outside terrace for buffets and booths.

Canteen / Social House

A multipurpose place for students to socialize and eat, with approximately 20 tables. IPMI serves buffet and snacks for students on certain specific days. Students could work on their task here as high speed unlimited access wifi available. The social house is open on all working days.

Sport Facility

Keeping active is an important part in student life. Located in the outdoor area, IPMI provide a multipurpose court for students to play basketball, futsal, badminton, and more. It is an ideal place for students to be healthy and socialize.

Prayer Room

The Building does not rule out the importance of religious facilities especially for Muslims. The Mushalla is located on the ground floor complete with prayer equipment for men and women.


The building provides parking facilities for students and guest that can hold more than 100 cars. The parking lot is also equipped with cctv and spot lamps for your convenience.

Bank Facility

Even most of the banking transaction can be managed electronically nowadays, we also provide a bank branch for your convenience. The bank also equipped by 3 ATMs that you can use 24/7.

Health and Clinic Service Facility

Students can take advantage of health service facilities at the Student Health Center (PKM) located in the 1st floor, students can seek medical treatment at very affordable cost along with medicines.


IPMI International Business School is located next to Plaza Kalibata.