An MBA in Indonesia, is it a Good Idea?

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In Southeast Asia, a Master of Business certification is often considered the best opportunity for career growth. An MBA is valuable in any industry and is particularly appreciated in Indonesia.

An MBA degree, when pursued along with work experience, adds value to the learned theories and knowledge. The students can apply the knowledge to real-world situations. Many Indonesian business schools offer part-time study programs in order to give the students the flexibility to continue their own employment.

With a population of 280 million by 2030, an MBA graduate can become a successful entrepreneur if they match their MBA knowledge with their deep understanding of the Indonesian demographic, socio-geographic, and psycho-graphic situation as well as stay up to date with Indonesian political and economic relationships with other countries. Indeed, many startups fail, but the failure rates in Indonesia tend to be directly associated with mismanagement and incorrect assumptions, such things a successful MBA graduate would avoid.

Which English MBA program in Jakarta is best? Research is a must, but check the schools’ international awards, accreditations, and partnerships. Review their alumni, where are these alumni today… are they successful?

Many assume that the most successful people in Indonesia study abroad, but in fact, more successful Indonesian CEOs and executives completed their studies within Indonesia.

As the Indonesian higher education system continues to grow and improve, it is definitely worth serious consideration when planning your MBA studies.

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web_Sunday Reading - An MBA in Indonesia