Customized Programs

Management Development Program & Professional Development Program

This Management Development Program (MDP) and Professional Development Program (PDP) is an integrated 8– 20 days program for managers and functional professionals. This program is intended for those who will take bigger responsibility, or being groomed to higher managerial or functional assignments.

Another objective is usually to equip potential talent with business acumen, or to provide wider perspective to understand other areas of the business.

MDPs usually conducted at 3 levels: associate/junior managers, middle/general managers, and senior executives/directors and PDP is also 3 levels: associate professionals (3-5 years of experience), expert professional (7–15 years), and advanced/master professional (20 years or more). MDP and PDP is highly interactive, with lots of discussion, presentation, and sharing with guest speakers. When appropriate, it also deals with soft skills and can be combined with Business Impact Project, which will challenge participants to apply what they have learned. Senior Executives MDP (also called Advanced MDP) usually combined with field trip abroad to get first hand experience on global issues and best practices.

This 8–20 days program can be delivered contiguously in one period, or arranged every weekend (Friday-Saturday, or Saturday only). Spreading the program will allows participant to digest what they have learned but lacks the intensity for a full-packed one period program. Various arrangements may be designed to meet the specific needs of the clients.

Specific Topics


  • Effective Leadership for High Performance Comprehensive insight on leadership aspects and approaches. Learn practical behavior and action to improve leadership skill.
  • The Forgotten Skill: Coaching & Mentoring for Managers. Coaching and mentoring is a two-way skill that can significantly improve motivation and commitment of sub-ordinates and peers.
  • Leadership Basics: Becoming a Good and Effective Manager. An important program to improve people management skill and learn to become an effective manager.
  • Top Management Roles: Leadership and Strategy. Discusses role of top management as overall company steward to translate vision into strategy and action.
  • Good Corporate Governance. An increasingly popular necessity to run a transparent, accountable, and high performance organization. Include principles of board governance, business ethics and corporate legal issues.
  • Company Directorship in Indonesia. Very important for first time directors in companies in Indonesia. Covers both business responsibilities and legal issues.


  • Corporate Strategy. Aimed towards multi-business corporation, how to achieve synergy and better performance as business group.
  • Business Strategy. Learn how top management and middle management integrate all business functions to develop a unique strategy to win the competition.
  • Market and Competitive Analysis. A comprehensive scan of industry, market, and competition as input to formulate strategy.
  • Business Strategy Simulation. A unique program based on sophisticated business game software. Impact of a business strategy decision will be immediately known to simulate the real life situation.


  • Effective Strategy Execution. No matter how good the strategy, it will fail if execution is not done right. This program ensures the right steps are taken to execute strategy successfully.
  • Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard. Good strategy execution requires consistent measurement of result to check whether the company is on the right track or not. Here Balanced Scorecard concept is used to link key performance indicators with strategy.
  • Individual and Group Performance Management System. Develop a strategy-relevant key performance indicator and relate to Human Capital performance appraisal.


  • Financial and Management Accounting. A comprehensive introduction and intermediate program on financial and management accounting.
  • Financial Accounting for Non-finance Managers. Provides insights and tools for non-finance managers to understand and use financial information effectively.
  • Investment Evaluation and Financing Decision. Insightful investment feasibility evaluation from financial perspective to ensure prudent investment decision leading to high return on investment.


  • Effective Marketing Planning. Getting maximum impact from a creative yet implementable marketing plan.
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy. Win competitive battle through sound marketing strategy. Learn how to analyze and segment the market, position the product, and develop marketing initiatives.
  • Sales Force Management. Comprehensive course on managing sales force to understand sales management aspect. Learn how to coach and motivate sales force to achieve targets.
  • Effective and High Performance Sales Person. Mastering selling skills and personal effectiveness to get results and achieve sales targets.
  • Customer Service Excellence. Proven tips and methods to retain customers through excellent service they need, not what they want.


  • Human Resource Management for non HR. Basic understanding of HR role and functions, and non-HR managers’ role in developing human capital.
  • Strategic Human Capital Management. Comprehensive introduction and intermediate program on all HC aspects and HC’s role in developing talent to achieve business objectives.
  • Talent Management. Learn how to retain and motivate high potential talent.
  • Recruiting and Integrating High Performance Team. Building a great team starts with recruiting. From identifying source of talent until soft-landing integration to team require a comprehensive selection criteria and careful handling.
  • The Learning Organization. Building a dynamic organization which always improve itself through learning and knowledge management.


  • Operation Management. Learn all aspects of operations and the challenge to achieve operational excellence in manufacturing and service industry.
  • Business Process Redesign. Map out business process, performs assessment and evaluation, and generates ideas to radically improve the process.
  • Supply Chain: A Core Competence. A mandatory program for those integrating the end-to-end supply chain from supplier down to customer – with customer satisfaction in mind.


  • Knowledge Management. Learn how company collect and codify information, and disseminate it effectively throughout organization, leading towards a learning organization.
  • Change Management. Nothing constant except change. This course discuss on how to manage change, understand conflict that may arise, get people buy-in and motivate people to perform change for the better.


  • The Art of Business Communication. Ever want to understand your business partner, be understood and communicate better? Take this course.
  • Negotiate and Everybody Wins. Finding a Win-win solution and getting agreement. Learn how to creatively negotiate and make everybody wins.
  • Effective Business Presentation. Captivate audience while keeping substance clear and concise. Get the most impact from successful presentation.
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making. A favorite program to analyze problems and creatively find the solution. Decision making explores steps toward increasing the rightness of your decision.

Business Impact Project

Business Impact Project is an active learning methodology to apply what participant has learned from classroom training. This is a real-life problem solving exercise, focusing on significant issues faced by the company. Teams of 3 to 7 participants will zoom into the problem, analyze it, generate alternative solutions and select the best one which gives the highest impact.

IPMI International Business School facilitators will guide the team, combining proven methodology and best practices with creative, out-of-the-box solution suitable to company situation. The team may carry out the implementation, or passed on to respective functions or divisions in the company.

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