Corporate Finance: Value Creation Approach with Online Business Simulation

In uncertain times, when continuous change is the norm and there is a constant need to adopt and adapt, and yet to also create significant and sustainable value, senior executives must be in tune with the finance concepts and have a agile mindset that adjusts to the continuously changing needs and customer values.

Participants’ Profile
The two days training and workshop is designed for General Managers and Senior Executives with little or no background in finance.

The goal is to help participants to master concepts in modern strategic finance and to empower them with ability to create breakthroughs and sustainable value for shareholders.

The training will includes an online Business Simulation and will cover topics such as the mind-opening ideas of Nobel prize winners in economics and their applications in finance; Value-based management; Traditional Funding Strategy (Debt vs Equity; Bank vs capital Market; FinTech); Alternative Funding Strategy (Asset-based and Revenue Based Crowd Sourcing through FinTech Platform); Strategic options in investment and capital budgeting; Behavioral finance, Financial decision traps; and Financial decision making under uncertainty; Managing Strategic Business Portfolios, Capturing Opportunities and Creating New Businesses from the opportunities.

Prof. Roy Sembel, Ir. MBA, Ph.D, CSA
Has had more than 30 years work experience in business and academia, and is also an avid writer, a very active speaker, a trainer par excellence, a successful entrepreneur, and investor. As a trainer and speaker, prof. Roy has facilitated hundreds of trainings and seminars to hundreds of corporate clients. These clients are from local companies, multinational, as well as state-owned companies and from diverse industries. As academician, prof. Roy is a Finanace Professor and former Dean at IPMI International Business School. Prof. Roy is also chairman of MARS Data Science Indonesia and MARS Institute. In the past, prof. Roy has held various corporate positions at McKinsey & Co Jakarta, ABN AMRO Bank Amsterdam, Bank Niaga, Jakarta Futures Exchange, Vriens & Partner, etc. as he is author to more than 30 books and more than a thousand articles. Prof. Roy is a graduate of IPB, and continued his studies at Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, and University of Pittsburgh

Training days 2 days
Investment / Price
  • Rp 7.000.000,- (Public)
  • Rp 6.000.000,- (IPMI Alumni/Students)
  • Rp 6.500.000,- (IPMI Executive Education Alumni)
  • Group Participants from 1 Company (PAY 4 for 5 Participants)
Handout To reduce the use of paper, all material distributed in the workshop will be in digital format by way of a USB flash disk. If you must have the material in printed form on paper, please request at least one week before the class start.
Training Format To facilitate effective learning, the workshop will be delivered by way of adult learning techniques in which the participants will take part in a combination of mini-lectures, exercises, cases discussions, video clips viewing, role plays, and an online business simulation.
Preparation Partcipants are expected to bring their mobile phones and laptops
Training Langguage Delivery Bahasa Indonesia

For registration and more details, please contact us at 0812-8263-0900
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