Instructor Category: Faculty Member

Evelyn Hendriana

Evelyn Hendriana holds a bachelor degree in management from University of Pelita Harapan and a master degree in accountancy from University of Indonesia. She is currently pursuing PhD in marketing at ... Read More

Albert Hasudungan

Albert Hasudungan currently teaches Internationalization & Global Business, Macroeconomics. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Economic Geography from the Faculty of Science, University of Sydney. ... Read More

Sony Wiewiek Antonio

Sony Wiewiek Antonio is a IR (Teknik Industri – ITB) CBM – Finance & CBM – Marketing (Prasetya Mulya), Executive Managerial Training (Hagemeyer Cosa Liebermann – Singapore), ... Read More

Sasotya Pratama

Sasotya Pratama currently teaches Current Issues in Business Management, Business Ethics, E-commerce, and Introduction to Management. He holds a Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from ... Read More

Rima Agristina

Rima Agristina is Deputy of Control and Evaluation of BPIP (the Government Agency for Implementation of Ideology of Pancasila). She is a former Head of Graduate Program at IPMI International Business ... Read More

Risa Bhinekawati

Dr. Risa Bhinekawati is the Founder and Owner of PT Bhineka Belitung Lestari, and a Senior Researcher of Presisi Indonesia.  She has more than 23 years of professional experience, including senior ... Read More

Ardo Dwitanto

Ardo Ryan Dwitanto, SE, MSM, CFP®
Ardo is a financial expert. He has been teaching finance-related subjects, such as corporate finance, personal finance, and investment management since 2005. ... Read More

Agus Finardi

Bernardus Agus Finardi teaches Sustainability & Succession of Family Owned Business and Entrepreneurship. He has been teaching in several universities since 2006. He obtained his MA in Marketing ... Read More

Alex Iskandar Munaf

Alex Iskandar Munaf graduated his Bahcelor a degree in Business Economics, and Master’s degree in Financial Economics. from American University, Washington D.C., USA. Alex has over 20 years of work ... Read More

Alexander Cyrus

Alex Cyrus joined IPMI in 1999 and has been lecturing the subjects of Competitiveness through Information Management / MIS, Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, and Human Resources. Graduated from ... Read More