IPMI Participation in Deliver Agent of Change of Business World in Indonesia

Jakarta, Desember 11th 2019 –

Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI held the 45th Graduation on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Known as IPMI International Business School, the 45th Graduation delivered 102 Graduates which consisted of 29 Graduates from Bachelor programs and 73 Graduates from Masters programs. Located at Puridani Auditorium, IPMI International Business School campus, the 45th graduation was led solemnly by Prof. Aman Wirakartakusumah as the Chairperson of the IPMI International Business School.

Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd., MT as the Chairperson of LLDIKTI III DKI Jakarta attended this wonderful event and motivates all graduates to use all the knowledge they have gained to become a mandate and responsibility to the community. He also conveyed the message of CINTA in his remarks. CINTA is C-collaboration, Innovation (Niteni, Niroake, Nambahake), N-orma, Ttransformative, and A-manah. He also positively appreciate IPMI International Business School by stating that the Institution obeys the Principle in managing Higher Education organization and accredited “Very Good” both for Study Programme and Institution.

In this 45th Graduation, IPMI International Business School also presented Dr. Handry Satriago, CEO of General Electric Indonesia to delivered his Keynote Remarks. Dr. Handry Satriago is an alumni of the IPMI Master program that has been active and has a great influence in the industrial world in Indonesia. In his speech, Dr. Handry Satriago shared his experiences when he graduated from IPMI and his work experience until now. Not only that, he gave message to the audience, he said that in life we must have 4F, that is Have Faith (have faith in life), Have Friends (have motivating friendships that believe in you), Have Fun (behind all the busyness of work, don’t forget to enjoy everything we do), and Have Fight (to have enthusiasm and fighting spirit).

Every year in the Graduation Ceremony at IPMI International Business School, the Management and Academic Civitas always announces the winner of the Bustanil Arifin Thought-Leadership Award (BATLA). Some of the previous recipients were Mr. Eko Putro Sandjojo, former Minister of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia; Mr.
Eko Pratomo, Senior Advisor of PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Mr. Rinaldi Firmansyah, former Managing Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia; and Mrs. Sinthya Roesly, Chairperson of the Eximbank Board of Directors.

And this year, it was announced the winner of the Bustanil Arifin Thought-Leadership Award was Bpk. Widiyarto Suwarto Sumitro, Independent Commissioner from PT. Bank Rabobank International Indonesia. Known as Mr. Warry Sumitro, he graduated from the first batch of the IPMI Master Program.

His extraordinary expertise in Accounting Science can be seen from his career which is mostly spent in the banking industry such as at Bank Duta and Rabobank. Not only that, but he also contributed as one of the educators by becoming a lecturer. Many of his students used to tell how the upbringing of Bpk. Warry plays a big role for them to manage well and make careful decisions in managing company finances. Management and academic civitas of IPMI International Business School believe in the election of Bpk. Warry Sumitro as BATLA recipient with a background in Banking and Education shows the role of this Institution to cooperate with the current government that focuses on developing the quality of the country’s human resources.

On another occasion at the same event, the graduates representative from the Executive-MM September 2017 class, Bpk. Edwin Santoso invited all the graduates to remember how the college periods at IPMI had shaped every individual with a high fighting spirit. At IPMI, the learning method is not just knowledge-based learning. But also soft skills such as independent thinking, teamwork, and care for others. He believes that soft skills like these traits will make IPMI graduates able to survive in the future to compete with machine learning technology.

The Chairman of IPMI International Business School, Prof. Aman Wirakartakusumah also conveyed every progress of the campus in his speech. As the highest representative of the Institution, he gave the highest appreciation to the graduates this year. He believes that with the knowledge and abilities gained from studying at IPMI International Business School, all the difficult problems that will be faced by graduates, they will face it with confidence, determination, and perseverance to see the future.

IPMI International Business School also expressed its deepest gratitude to every sponsor who supported this event and gave the best award for the Best Students this year. From the Management, Staff, and Faculty Members of IPMI International Business School also congratulate all graduates and their happy family!

Congratulations on your achievement!