IPMI’s Alumni Relations Desk Held a ReConnect with Alumni event through a book launching

“In ambiguous situations, it is important that leaders are able to make decisions faster, consistently, and with conviction,” commented Jusman Syafii Djamal in his remarks at the book launch of “Navigating Turmoil,” written by Tya Adhitama. Jusman spoke about negotiating the continued partnership between Panasonic and Gobel, as well as cooperation at a more macro level. Both he is equally qualified to talk about in his capacity as President Commisioner of Gobel International and former Minister of Transportation. Also present was Handry Satriago, CEO of GE Indonesia and Alumni of IPMI, who spoke about his company which was one of the case studies featured in the book. GE has long been known for its innovative approach to problems. Feraldi (Aldi) Loeis from IPMI’s EE(IPMI Alumni) was moderating the event.