Harris Turino

Harris has extensive experience as a managing director for various companies. He is familiar with several industries; he manages PT. Argo Mas Prima which concentrates on inland transportation of palm oil, furthermore he is also managing PT. Kleo Pacific and PT. Haduo Herbatech which operates in pharmaceutical and medicated cosmetic business, the main target markets being Hong Kong, Vietnam, Poland, and Western Africa. He also works as a managing director for PT. Fazio beauty which aims to serve the younger exclusive clients, with high-tech and hip ambience. Harris has also extensive academic experience in various institutions such as Universitas Indonesia (UI), Perguruan Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian, Institut Keseninan Jakarta, Universitas Sumatera Utara, with a strong focus on Strategic Management, Strategic Business, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Managing Business Growth, Diversification and Merger & Acquisition. He received his Doctoral Degree from Indonesia University (UI) majoring in Strategic Management, and his MM from Prasetya Mulya Graduate School of Management majoring in International Management. Besides, he has a Master’s Degree from Indonesia University (UI) majoring in Policy Administration.