Bachelor of Business Administration

IPMI International Business School is pioneer in executive and MBA education in South-East Asia. Since its inception in 1984, IPMI has been dedicated to deliver relevant education and creating real impact directly as well as by way of its alumni who have leading positions in the most important companies in the region. From 2003, IPMI added Bachelor of Business Administration as its education offering, thus allowing IPMI’s engagement to prepare future leaders of the region even earlier in their careers.

To meet the challenge of the global and borderless world, IPMI International Business School provides its undergraduate students a Bachelor of Business Administration program with a very strong international quality. The environment and ambiance created is one in which everyone can already experience what is to come in a truly globalized world.

To that extent, beyond the 100% English language delivery, IPMI has transformed itself into an international learning oasis in the midst of a very busy Jakarta. IPMI has a newly renovated campus where students and faculty from France, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Egypt, Australia, the US, Singapore, as well as Indonesia and much more to come, have taken refuge supported by and facilitated with the best learning infrastructure possible.

This multicultural community that came together for the purpose of learning, enjoy the benefit of studying based on an international curriculum that is facilitated by faculty members chosen to have global outlook and experience. IPMI’s management developed this environment based on the vision of IPMI being “a thought-leader and an outstanding international business school” and to prepare its students to be ready to take on the role of leaders in this globalized world. Moreover, interested students, who want to enhance further their international reach, can take part in either an international joint degree program or a twining program or on an Exchange Program at one of our overseas university partners, hence build for themselves global connectedness.

In addition to the international ambiance, reach and access, being based in Jakarta, IPMI allows the Indonesian student to be able to maintain and nurture the network that he or she has and even develop further access to a network of the very best of Indonesian business community through IPMI strong alumni network, in which many of the members hold executive position in large corporations


The Bachelor degree at IPMI International Business School is designed to equip all of our students with:

  • Awareness of global outlook and participation at entry level real international experience;
  • High-performance entrepreneurial task mastery as young professionals;
  • Ready and booked for first job or venture, Life and career planning, Multiple experiences deliver client value.

IPMI International Business School’s Bachelor of Business Administration will have major in Business Administration and the choice of streams that will equip you with the skills in the areas of:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • International Business


Our curriculum is designed to meet the need of current and future transformation of the Indonesian economy. The Key Learning of our curriculum are integrated across subjects into five learning blocks:

  • Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing
  • Accounting, Finance & Economics
  • Contemporary Business Context
  • Market Readiness
  • Research & Projects

In addition, the learning experience will be colored by the continuous global outlook, engagement in real life projects and engagement in community development projects.

With those key learning area we expect that our graduates can:

  • Analyze business situations and problem from the entrepreneurship, management & marketing principle in business diverse contexts;
  • Demonstrate a mastery of applied principles in marketing/International Business/Entrepreneurial;
  • Analyze business situations and problems from accounting, finance and economics principles in dynamic and diverse business context, Demonstrate a mastery of applied accounting, finance, and economics, Identify and analyze changes in the contemporary business context;
  • Demonstrates soft-skills of personal effectiveness, global thinking, and professional ethics;
  • Demonstrates a mastery of applied research and community engagements in integrative corporate, academics & community projects.


Equips students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the human capital field.


HR administrator, HR officer, HR planner, Training & Development coordinator, Compensation & Benefits analyst.


Equips students with comprehensive knowledge of financial markets, portfolio theory, investments and corporate finance


Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Financial Planner, Risk and Credit Analyst, M&A Consultant


Equips students with comprehensive global and local understanding of cultural, political-legal and economic environtment


Business Development Executive, International Sales Coordinator, Client Relation Executive, Project Coordinator, Business Planning &


Equips students with knowledge, concepts, and skills surrounding consumer behaviour, marketing strategies and customer relationship management


Product Manager, Brand Executive, Marketing Relations Executive, Media Planner, Account Manager


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