Student-Centered Learning Concept

To meet the challenge of the global and borderless world, IPMI International Business School offers its graduate students two master program options with very strong international quality: for those with at least two years of working experience, the Master of Business Administrationt (MBA) program; and for those with five years leadership experience, the Executive Master of Business Administration (E-MBA) program. The environment and ambiance created is one that is at least comparable to what they have experienced in the students’ career and most probably one in which the students can experience what is to come in a truly globalized world. To that extent, beyond the 100% English language delivery and the case based pedagogic approach, IPMI has transformed itself into an international learning oasis in the midst of busy Jakarta. IPMI has a newly renovated campus where students and faculty from France, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Egypt, Australia, the US, Singapore, as well as Indonesia and many more to come, have taken refuge supported by and facilitated with the best learning infrastructure possible and a location easily accessible by busy executive. This multicultural community that came together for the purpose of learning, enjoy the benefit of studying based on an international curriculum that are facilitated by faculty chosen to have global outlook and experience. IPMI’s management developed this environment with the vision to prepare its students to lead in this globalized world.

In addition to the international ambiance, reach, and access, an IPMI MM also allows the student to be connected and even develop further access to the network of the very best of Indonesian business community through other students and IPMI’s strong alumni network, many of whom hold executive level in large corporations.

To its MBA and E-MBA students, the future business leaders of the world, IPMI International Business School provides global connectedness as well as local embeddedness.