Student Affairs


In addition to academic activities, students need personal development through non-academic activities. Student Affairs Office is here to help facilitating the student. As we are creating transformative leader it’s important to promote the the development of personal growth for students benefit.
The Student Affairs Office provides helps for all Student Affairs activities on Campus. The Student Affairs Officer is involve from the first activity such as orientation to the last activity like graduation. From mentorship to the leadership activity Student Affairs Office will serves student so they can developed to the very best of themselves. Student Affairs Office create a student focused environment and collaborate with related departments on campus to support and foster the environment throughout the student experience.

Student Council

Student council is a representative to the entire IPMI students. The function are to govern, serves and accommodate any idea and aspirations from all of IPMI students. Student council works as a liaison and responsible to all student activities on campus. Every member of student council working directly with IPMI management and staff


IPMI Business Challenge is a program for students to create a business plan in groups, in order to equip them to be able to create a business projection, business plan strategy, and to prepare the students in performing their business projects.
IPMI respective alumni will also act as their mentors to guide them and the winning group will receive seed-fund as grand prize. Students will learn from the basic of project research until business project exhibition, where every group conduct their project in an open business exhibition.

Student Club Activity

Student club activities which includes Zumba dance club, Basketball club, and others are programs to be the vessel for student’s interest and talents, drill their creativity, and providing facilities for students to express themselves according to their potentials, talents, and interests.