IPMI Participation on UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC)-Entrepreneurship Academy Hongkong


A rapidly changing world offers many challenges and opportunities for the youth, particularly in the Global South countries. Among these challenges are high levels of unemployment resulting from massive economic and social transformation ushered in by globalisation, digitalisation, the internet economy and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, many young people are left isolated due to the pressure to keep up with educational demands and social integration. These together create a burden on the global efforts to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development. Meanwhile, the youth population, due to their internet literacy and their bulging numbers in the work force, have an opportunity to play a critical role in contributing to such goals through entrepreneurship and innovation. Considering these, there is a need for investment in human capital and in the young population in particular to be equipped with the current qualities, skills, knowledge and know-how of global citizenship and entrepreneurship in order to achieve the sustainable development agenda that leaves no one behind.

In this context, a Hong-Kong based South-South Entrepreneurship Academy will be implemented with some interregional collaboration particularly with Africa. In Hong Kong SAR, several institutions are at the core of promoting a digital economy and entrepreneurship. In line with the business model of South-South Cooperation, the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) is partnering with these institutions; namely, Cyberport, Youth Square, Gratia Business School of Gratia Christian College and the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Hong Kong Association to work with youth from Asia and the Pacific as well as other regions to enhance global citizenship and entrepreneurship. The project is targeted at supporting actions towards attainment of results towards SDG 8 Target 8.6 “By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training”.

The event is organized under the Platform of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) – Youth for South as part of its activity for the Asia-Pacific Region. Previous piloting events were convened in 2018 by the same organisers. The guidelines for the South-South entrepreneurship academy include convening two events annually each with a specific theme.

IPMI Student Affairs commits to support this activity with the following objectives;

  • This event will give opportunity for students to explore options in using technology in the financial sector
  • Understanding of transformation of the knowledge to entrepreneurship;
  • Development of ideas for implementation on return to Indonesia;


Dr. Ir. Amelia Naim Indrajaya, MBA, the Head of Center for Sustainability Mindset and Social Responsibility IPMI International Business School was presenting the Innovation and Sustainability Mindset in supporting the SDG of the United Nations: The Case of IPMI International Business School during the South South Entrepreneurship Academy program in Hong Kong 3-4 April 2019.

In addition 4 IPMI students, each also led their youth students group and presented their innovative ideas in front of the panel from United Nations office of South South Cooperation of the United Nations (UNOSSC).

The first winner of the students group competition was led by Bella Scholastica – Bachelor 2016 undergraduate students of IPMI. The idea was creating a platform for international online tutoring for Hongkong students, especially for those who are taking their DSE test. They won a prize of HKD 800.

The second winner was led by Angelica Giovanni Gunarto-bachelor 2015. The idea was creating a platform to invest in agricultural sector. They won a prize of HKD 200.

The third winner was led by Lintang Tiara – Bachelor 2018 IPMI. Their idea was to create an art application which serves the youth, to help tackle the emerging mental health issues, by bridging people trough artworks.

Raynaldo Kharismananda-Bachelor 2018 also led a group of students with the idea on Art Marketplace and also how to hire artist through a single platform.

This UNOSSC – Entrepreneurship Academy Hongkong program was organized by Dr. Shirley Yeung as Project Advisor.