Ethics in Management & Entrepreneurship: Good Work is Good Business

Ethics in Management

IPMI International Business School had another collaboration with UST Angelicum College from the Philippines and Gratia Christian College, Hong Kong.

On 24th February 2021, Dean Eunice Areola was sharing Ethics in Management and Entrepreneurship: Good Work is Good Business. Fifty-nine students were participating actively and formed seven intercultural collaborative groups. Each of the groups will be presenting their ideas next week, based on their identification of social problems and opportunities and how their ideas and solution may help solve the problems. For IPMI’s students, this is part of their Business Ethics subject, and for the UST Angelicum, this session is an additional learning point from international collaboration activities. We look forward to more international collaborations in the future to offer a real feel of being part of the Global Citizen in a borderless education platform.

On the 3rd of March 2021, the students finally got the chance to present their ideas for developing ethical business. One of the groups develops an idea of a global platform to alleviate poverty the other develop an idea of a flourishing profitable business by setting up an infrastructure to solve the problem of waste management. Students were thrilled to have a chance to work in an inter-cultural group and propose to have more international collaboration in the future.