IPMI MBA Students Win Marketition 2021 in the 2nd Place

Dropping another good news to our fellow business people! We’d like to congratulate BORASYNC consisting of our brilliant students; ⠀
• Fadhillah Indra Budi (MBA September 2020)⠀
• Giovanni Alexander (MBA September 2020)⠀
• Camila Lastrila (MBA September 2020)⠀
• Huger Anggoro (EMBA September 2020)⠀

for winning 2nd place in National Marketing Competition for Master’s Degree namely MARKETITION 2021, organized by Universitas Prasetya Mulya. ⠀

Under IPMI International Business School, we’ve been supporting and guiding our students in developing their inventions in the field of business and marketing. Through their research and presentations on creative marketing strategy, they talked about reaching consumers online with connected mobile devices. Increasing the engagement of customers through gamification can boost sales and increase the profit of the company. Making their ideas flexible to be implemented and fit everyone’s lifestyle. ⠀

The whole faculty is very proud of this outstanding achievement. We hope that this can encourage other students not only to participate in upcoming competitions but also improving their professional values for current and future business opportunities. ⠀