IPMI MBA Students Won the 2nd Place at Marketition 2020

IPMI International Business School was represented by SYNERGIZED (IPMI Master Students Team) in Marketition 2020 organized by Prasetiya Mulya University.⁣

On Thursday, 18th February 2020, from 16 semi-finalists, SYNERGIZED was the first finalist to presentation in front of the judges. The board of judges was Board of Directors of MPM Group and Prasetiya Mulya faculties.⁣

Entering the final, 6 finalists are representative of:⁣
1. IPMI International Business School⁣
2. Univ. Bina Nusantara⁣
3. PPM School of Management⁣
5. Univ. Prasetiya Mulya⁣

MPM as the main sponsor, with a 30-plus-year legacy of success in the automotive industry, is characterized by their ability to adjust to a changing market and transform according to the needs of their customers. Transformation starts by reimagining the types of experiences customers expect in a digitally connected world. MPM, as a group with their business units, they are undertaking this transformation to support their digital-savvy customers through a new website platform called BIDBOX.⁣

Through the MARKETITION, participants were challenged to reimagine a digitally enhanced consumer experience through the BIDBOX brand. The SYNERGIZED team broke through as the Big 3 and earned a position as the 2nd Winner!⁣

Congratulations to the SYNERGIZED team: Bpk. Wawan Rahardian (@wawan_rahardianto), Bpk. Kim Nara (@nara_kim777), and Bpk. Jovani Lubis. We are so proud of you!