MBA Alumni’s Story: Satya Radjasa, Managing Director of Korn Ferry Indonesia (Class of 2006)

IPMI MBA Alumni - Satya Radjasa

“Joining IPMI International Business School is undoubtedly a life changer and the best decision that I’ve ever made in my professional career.

The rigorous case-based teaching methodology is very relevant not only for my current career but also for any managers or leaders in today’s business environment.

The program’s helped me in several areas:
(1) Always looking at problems from the lens of management and identifying multiple solution alternatives each with its own pros and cons.
(2) Be practical and decisive in providing solutions.
(3) The constant pressure on delivering case presentation has sharpened my influencing skills and be efficient in everything that I do.”

Satya Radjasa
IPMI MBA Alumni (Class of 2006)
Managing Director
Korn Ferry Indonesia

Mr. Satya Radjasa is one of the MBA graduates from the Class of 2006 and currently pursuing a Doctoral degree from one of the private universities in Indonesia. He is currently the Managing Director of a prominent organization consultancy firm, Korn Ferry Indonesia, overseeing all of its line of business with a previous career as CEO of Mercer Indonesia along with a successful career at Unilever, Nestle, and Hay Group.

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IPMI MBA Alumni - Satya Radjasa