MBA Student’s Story: Mr. Donny Arsal (Executive MBA March 2020)

IPMI MBA Student Story, Mr. Donny Arsal

MBA Student’s Story

“At first, I doubt whether I can attend a full lecture at IPMI because of the busyness as part of management in one of the state-owned enterprises engaged in the infrastructure sector. But the current pandemic condition by learning online actually provides its own experience and flexible time because I can join classes from anywhere and at the same time can still gather with family.

The lecture methods are carried out with real case study that occurs in the global and delivered by the lecturers who are very experienced in their field that make studying in IPMI very interesting and enjoyable. In addition, the lectures delivered in English so that I can also practice my English. The variety of lecture topics provided adds to my insights and is very helpful in making important decisions in my job.”

Donny Arsal
Director of Finance of PT Jasa Marga (Persero)
Executive MBA March 2020

Every MBA student has their academic journey stories, like Mr. Donny Arsal.
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IPMI MBA Student Story, Mr. Donny Arsal