Recap Event “Launching of Professional BBA Class”

Welcoming our new program on board! As IPMI International Business School has officially launched a Professional BBA Class (Kelas Karyawan S1), here’s the recap of the launching event held on 26th June 2021.

We had Bpk. Peter Febian as our first speaker. He talked about how important it is to see higher education as one of the pillars that support our success now and in the future. Building credibility with knowledge gained from the experts can bring rapid progress in the business industry that we run through. That is why it is also necessary to choose the right school according to what you need the most.

While the second speaker, Ibu Rifa Zahirsjah, was helping us to notice IPMI credentials, we could see how IPMI facilitates and guides the students on their journeys along the study year. Helping you to have world-class thinking capacity, brilliance in business decision-making, as well as becoming adaptive & relevant to the dynamics of the times.

The Pro BBA class is open for corporate professionals, business entrepreneurs, as well as Start-Up practitioners who aspire to increase their capacity and insights. Even in the midst of your busy schedule, the program we have planned will make it very easy for you to get a Bachelor’s degree, of course, at a very affordable price. All information related to the program has been clearly informed by our third speaker, Bapak Sasotya Pratama.

We’d like to thank everyone who had warmly welcomed Pro BBA by attending this event. This includes all the speakers and top lines of the IPMI campus who had joined in the launching.

Don’t be worried if you missed the opportunity of getting to know the Professional BBA Class. Watch the full video on the link below:

If you would like to know more about this Professional BBA Class, kindly contact Ms. Ami (WA: 0813-8392-2313)