IPMI Students Selected as Flourish Prize 2020 Honorees and Finalist

IPMI - Flourish Prize 2020

As a Business School, we believe in supporting the United Nations’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
One of IPMI Faculty Members, Dr. Ir. Amelia Naim, MBA, is a strong believer in business and management education which not only thinks about profit but also benefits people, the environment, and culture.

Through her classes, she mentored many IPMI students through Flourish Prizes from AIM2Flourish, a program of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management – Case Western Reserve University. This program is the world’s first higher-education curriculum incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and “Business as an Agent of World Benefit.”

With great appreciation, we would like to announce that under IPMI International Business School’s name, two of our students credited as Honorees and Finalist in Flourish Prizes 2020.

Kim Jun Hwan, our MBA student from Korea, wrote “Serving as a Growth Partner for SMEs” Featuring IBK Co-up Financing in the Republic of South Korea, under the direction of Dr. Amelia Naim. This story credited Kim Jun Hwan as one of the finalists of Flourish Prize 2020.

Francisco Jorge, our exchange student from Portugal, wrote “Giving Plastic Bottles a Second Chance” Featuring DGrade in the United Arab Emirates under the direction of Amelia Naim Indrajaya. This story credited Francisco Jorge as one of the Honorees in Global Goal #12 – Responsible Consumption and Production story.

Congratulations to Kim Jun Hwan, Francisco Jorge, and Dr. Amelia Naim!

IPMI - Flourish Prize 2020

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“Serving as a Growth Partner for SMEs: IBK Co-up Financing” story: https://aim2flourish.com/innovations/serving-as-a-growth-partner-for-smes
“Giving Plastic Bottles a Second Chance – DGrade” story: https://aim2flourish.com/innovations/giving-plastic-bottles-a-second-chance